Desde la tierra de los sueños, las tres Dryades os enviamos mucho amor y os deseamos un feliz 2017 en el que la música os ilumine y acompañe siempre.

May Music be always with you during all this New Year. Happy 2017!! Love from your Dryades in the land of dreams.
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Eager to see DRYADES live? Here you can taste a little bit of Dryades' live performance. Enjoy!" www.dryades.es ... See MoreSee Less

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Your Dryade Maite is getting ready a couple of dryadic tracks in studio! :) Step by step we'll design a magic repertoire to record. Also, soon, we'll let you have a taste of our live performance with some nice video snippets of our premiere in Oropesa. Stay tuned! ... See MoreSee Less

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Muchas gracias a "no es un día cualquiera" de RNE por invitarnos. Genial equipo. ¡Lo hemos pasado muy bien! ... See MoreSee Less

"Somos ninfas sofisticadas". Estreno mundial de Dryades. Muy agradecidos de que nos hayan elegido para presentarnos su música en directo #SesiónVermú

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¡Ya estamos aquí! Estad pendientes a partir de las 12 horas y tuitead en @NEUDC_RNE.

Already here! Stay tuned from 12 pm more or less and talk to us on Twitter (@NEUDC_RNE)

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The three nymphs of the trees


Welcome to the world of DRYADES...

According to Greek mythology, DRYADES are the nymphs of the trees. As if brought out of a fairy tale, Delia, Maite & Zuberoa are the beautiful and talented "DRYADES", three nymphs of the music that bring us the beauty of their incredible voices.

With a sophisticaded touch, they enter the Worldmusic scene with strength, bringing to the audience the magic of their own original scores as well as ancestral sounds from other Centuries and lands. A wonderful repertoire played with their own instruments, Celtic harps, flutes, percussion, Renaissance lute, piano... sung in Spanish, German, English, Basque, Italian and even in ancient lost languages.

All three Dryades are classical trained singers & musicians. Early music is their common speciality. While Delia is centered successfully in this music period with several albums in the market, touring constantly with renowned formations, Maite and Zuberoa are both producers and composers and hit also other genres outside of the classical world. They are considered as some of the best voices in the symphonic-rock and symphonic-metal world respectively. Now, these nymphs join together to bring us back the magic of the melodies and harmonies of the ancient forests. The long forgotten bond with nature.